Food Saver Series: Green Beans

Drying and freezing green beans Hi and welcome back to the Food Saver series! Today I am talking about green beans! Drying and freezing to be exact. Usually, I try to can 2-3 batches every year on top of freezing and drying, but this year it has a been a bit strange and I didn't … Continue reading Food Saver Series: Green Beans

Morning Chat 8/30/2022

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for August 30, 2022! garden snacks and garden transition Our life lately revolves around the garden - watering, trimming and the best part harvesting! It amazes me every year that I work for months to get the garden to this point, and it really only lasts just weeks. And … Continue reading Morning Chat 8/30/2022

Morning Chat 8/8/22

Good morning and welcome to Morning Chat for August 8, 2022! little quacking pygmies and jungle gardening I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a busy weekend of helping out friends with wedding stuff and enjoying local festivities! The best thing about being busy is that you enjoy the slow times a lot … Continue reading Morning Chat 8/8/22

Morning Chat 6/20/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for June 20, 2022! humbling hailstorm Few things put a gardener of any experience level, into a tizzy. Late or early frosts can cause major problems, grasshoppers love to eat everything, but on the top of my dislike list for gardening comes from above, in the form of little … Continue reading Morning Chat 6/20/22

Pallet garden edging

A simple edge to any garden bed. Pallet and furring strip edging - and a glimpse of my daughter's earth, moon, and rocket chalk drawing. So, what happens when the need arises to try to keep tall, fluffy plants in their place? You make a tall-ish edge to keep them back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few years … Continue reading Pallet garden edging

Gardening: Self-watering Containers

Here's a great way to be able to enjoy a garden or expand a garden anywhere! 18-gallon storage bins become self-watering planters I love our garden - I do. But I am like most gardeners - if you ask me if I have enough garden space, I will say no! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I dream of a … Continue reading Gardening: Self-watering Containers