Duck House – part 2

Welcome back! I left off on Wednesday sitting in a duck house wearing work clothes - I know I am just so vogue! HA This is part 2 - check out Duck House – part 1 to see where we started! #duckhouse #duckrun

Duck House – part 1

There were once two little drakes that were living the life. Enjoying their own house - made just for them, a whole yard to root around in, a family to hang out with and all the bugs when mom dug in the garden. The bachelor life was good... #duckhouse #duckrun

Unusual Gardening Tools

Unusual Gardening Tools: I have been gardening for all of my adult life, and one thing I have found out over the ahem...twenty so that sometimes found items can and will work better then anything found in a store. #gardentools #upcyclegardentools #milkjugupcycle ##palletprojects