Food Saver Series: Tomatoes

Drying tomatoes and making tomato powder. I know, drying tomatoes isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about saving them. But when you have a smaller crop, or just don't want to pull out a canner, it helps to have an alternative way to save them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drying Tomatoes: For … Continue reading Food Saver Series: Tomatoes

Food Saver Series: Green Beans

Drying and freezing green beans Hi and welcome back to the Food Saver series! Today I am talking about green beans! Drying and freezing to be exact. Usually, I try to can 2-3 batches every year on top of freezing and drying, but this year it has a been a bit strange and I didn't … Continue reading Food Saver Series: Green Beans

Canning Chicken

This post is a sequel to the Canning Ground Beef. Left shows Raw Pack - Right is Hot Pack Last week, I explained how I canned ground beef. Today, I thought I would talk about canning chicken. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We eat a lot of chicken in our house. My daughter loves homemade chicken nuggets, my husband, … Continue reading Canning Chicken

Making Weekly Dinner Menus

A couple tips to help making menus easier...and hopefully life more enjoyable! I recently read an article that said that one of the most stressful things a woman does on a daily basis - some men fall into this category also - it's figuring out what's for dinner! At first, I laughed - because that's … Continue reading Making Weekly Dinner Menus

Drying garlic and homemade garlic powder

Have you ever had a ton of garlic left over at the end of the season - or just wanted some really great garlic powder that you can't find at the store? If so, homemade garlic powder will make you happy! I will admit, it is a little time consuming, but fairly simple. Every fall … Continue reading Drying garlic and homemade garlic powder

2 ingredient creamer – Super easy!

I love coffee, I do. There are mornings that my coffee is as close to me as any blankie would be. I also love creamer in my coffee. BUT, and that's a big one, I don't love all the calories in it. Just recently I checked how many creamer calories I was drinking every morning … Continue reading 2 ingredient creamer – Super easy!