Morning in the Bitterroot: 1

Morning in the Bitterroot: 1
Morning in the Bitterroot: 1, sunrise photographs, Ravalli county Montana, lee Metcalf national wildlife refuge

Mornings are my favorite. The quiet stillness energizes me. Though the last few years being able to go out and shoot in the mornings has been spotty.

Last month we lost our beloved dog, Dotty, but for the few years before that she was often sick in the middle of the night, and I would be up helping her. Which meant that by the time the morning came I was usually too tired to drag myself out of bed for anything more than coffee.

The times that I was able to get out, I cherished it. Since we live near a wildlife refuge, that was usually where I would start my mornings out.

The sun coming up, silhouetting the Sapphire mountains – like the picture above – helps me remember that God has made the beauty in this world, something that news and politics can’t touch. It gives me hope. And then as sun comes, the quiet stillness that just energized me, is quickly shattered by the deafening sound of thousands of birds waking up to welcome the new day.


I hope you enjoy the photos this week. They are from my previous morning outings, most of which are favorites.


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