Lilacs, 1

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Lilacs, 1

Every week I have started giving myself a photo challenge. I make it just for me – if you would like to join in that would be great, but not necessary. I am doing it for a couple reasons, one, its great practice, and allows me to try new things that maybe I wouldn’t do before. And two, it’s helping me find my niche. I love to shoot, but if I would like to get to the point to actually sell my photos (Lord willing) I need to figure out what I am passionate about.

This week’s challenge: lilacs

A few weeks ago, we lost our beloved dog, Dottie. After a few days a neighbor noticed that she hadn’t been out and asked about her. We let her know that we lost her and a couple days later a knock came on the door. It was her and her little boy, and he was holding an armful of white and lavender lilacs. It was so sweet, I almost cried.

I love lilacs, and just knew I wanted to shoot them. So, this week I hope you are able to check them out and let me know which one you like the most – I love feedback!

Have a great day!


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