Potato Towers

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a great day! Today I am sharing how I grow potatoes in towers – or essentially wire cages!

I have tried growing potatoes a lot of ways, in ground, growing buckets, you name it. But a couple years ago my husband came home with 4 narrow wire cages that he had got when a neighbor down the street was getting rid of stuff. Yes, they were old, and had seen some use. But they were free! One of my favorite words, and they work great for potatoes.

I started by finding my nice sunny spot, prepped the soil and dropped 2 t-posts. I had 4 cages, and placed 2 cages next to each post and tied them to the post with baling twine. That way if 1 cage leaned the other would help keep it up.

I placed my seed potatoes in the dirt, covered them just a little bit then covered them with another 2-4 inches of straw. Once I seen the potatoes growing up thru the straw I would put more straw on top of them. After a few rounds of placing more straw I would put a layer of dirt, then more straw. It really was pretty easy.

If the vines decided to start growing out of the towers I just redirect them back into the tower.

I did note that the plants and straw did settle during the season. But I didn’t notice any issue with the plants or the actual potatoes that I pulled out.

At the end of the season, I untied the twine and slowly lifted each tower. I gently sifted thru the dirt/straw and picked out the potatoes.

I thought we did pretty well for the first year of trying it in the towers. And I am planning to do them again this year.

I hope you have a great day!


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