Bath Fun for Kids


My daughter loves baths, I can’t blame her, because I do too. But where I am trying to soak all my cares away, she loves to splash and play.


I have been using these easy craft ideas for her for a while – at least 5 years – and she still loves to play with them, not as much anymore, but they are still fixtures in our bathroom. The best about them, they don’t cost a whole lot.

DIY foam shapes:

Foam Shapes:

When my daughter was little, I bought her some foam bath toys. They were cute, but a bit pricey. The good thing was that they did last a long time, which helped me feel a bit better about paying so much for them. Since then, I found much cheaper alternative.


You can find foam sheets at any craft store and many big box stores in the craft section. Sometimes they come in single sheets but most the time they come in packages.

I got ours at our local big box store in a package of 40 for about $6.

Making the foam shapes is super easy, all you do is cut them with regular scissors. In fact, my daughter cuts her own shapes out.

If you have little ones that are just starting to work with scissors this would be a great starter project for them.

Just make sure that the pieces aren’t too small and remember little ones that still put things in their mouths need to be supervised.

Another alternative to cutting the shapes out is buying a bag of already cut out shapes. They can be a bit more expensive (around $15 for 700 pieces) but they are ready to be used right from the bag. I will note right now that many of the precut pieces can be quite small so I wouldn’t let little ones use them.

Foamy Paint:

The next fun thing my daughter likes for the tub is Foamy Paint! I honestly do not remember where I came across this from. But it’s easy and fun.

To make foamy paint you will need shaving cream (any brand/ I usually buy it at the Dollar store) and food coloring.

Spray the shaving cream into a plastic bowl and then 3 drops of food coloring and mix it together.

Make sure it’s only 3, if you are worried about staining you may want to try 2. Also make sure when bath time is over that all the foamy paint gets washed off the walls, tub, kid, toys, etc.

I hope you and your little ones have fun with these!

Have a great day!


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