Morning Chat 12/26/2022

Welcome to Morning Chat.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Morning Chat 12/26/2022, sunburst

Morning Chat 12/26/2022

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a little tweaking to the blog – trying stuff here, adjusting stuff there. My reason is simple. – a change is coming. Not a big deal, life changes all the time. But here on MTdawn the New Year is bringing realizations and hopefully a little more time.


A few months ago, I started to feel as the blog was running me. Again, not a big deal. I am sure at every time a blogger feels the same way at one time or another. But what bothered me is that I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore. I started the blog to connect to people and share ideas. I still felt that those were the driving force, but it became more about deadlines and stress. I didn’t like it.

And I know what you are thinking – yes, I did bring it on myself. I totally admit it. For some reason I didn’t feel the way I thought I should, or the way I wanted to. Now, I know that life isn’t all fairy tales, rainbows and unicorns. My time on this planet has seen more tears with it then I would like to admit. But this is my blog. And what’s good about that is that I can make the rules.

So, with that I wish you all a wonderful year full of happiness and joy. I hope you will check back every now and then and see what’s going on here, even drop a line just to say ‘hi’!

I am looking forward to the New Year. I hope you are too!


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