Quick and Easy Christmas Garlands


Pom poms and paper straws made into fun garlands to decorate with!

Pompom garland hanging out over my card display area in my craft room. – FYI all these cards are posted here on MTdawn!

Just recently I was in craft store and noticed the cutest garland made from pompoms.

The problem you ask?

The price!

It was almost thirty dollars! Yes, it was cute, but not so cute that I wanted to drop that much on it. So, after some thinking, I remembered that I have a pompom maker that I had never used. Well, it was time to try it out.

I will note here that you don’t have to have a pompom maker, you make them easily without one. I just happened to have them because I thought that they would be fun for my daughter to use…oh the things you buy for your kids…you can also buy premade ones.

The assembly is really easy, you make them then string them onto a thread. And done. I didn’t want a very long one, just enough to give a little Christmas flair for my craft room over an antique dresser.

The next garland is even easier to make then the pompom garland.

One thing I realized thru all this was that I really need a tree skirt for that little tree – that will have to be a job for later!

On the same trip to the craft store that was mentioned above, we also ended up going to the dollar store. There, I was happy to find paper straws in Christmas colors.

For theses garlands I cut each straw into 4 equal pieces then strung them onto white yarn.

I hope you have a great day!


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