Wood Winter Village


An easy winter village made with 1×4 scrap lumber.

Last year I seen the inspiration for these on Pinterest, and I liked them so much that I made a set for me and a set for my daughter.

The nice thing about them is that other than a little time, they were essentially free! I like free!

These are actually made from scrap 1×4’s that we had left over from another project.

I started by rummaging thru my scrap pile (yes, I have a wood scrap pile. And my husband keeps threatening that he’s gonna make it kindling…) Anyway, I found the pieces I liked and after a little adjusting of the miter saw blade I soon had all the pieces cut to size.

I wanted a folk look to these and to be able to use them for the whole winter not just for Christmas, so I kept them a little rough and opted to paint them neutral colors.

I used Delta ceramcoat paints – yes, I know they are intended for ceramics, I just used what I had on hand. The colors used were Black, Sand Dune, Territorial Beige, Rain Grey, and I used a grass green color and mixed it with a little black to give a dark green color.

In all I think they turned out well. I will say they are much cuter in person then in the pics. And they are skinny enough that I placed them in the windowsill.

I hope they inspire you – have a great day!


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