Morning Chat 11/29/22

Good morning and welcome to Morning Chat for November 29, 2022!


Morning Chat 11/29/22, holiday traditions, christmas traditions, thanksgiving traditions, ice crystals

Morning Chat 11/29/22

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Hopefully you didn’t OD on too much turkey and pie!

We had a quiet Thanksgiving. Since my husband had to work the night of, we ended up having ours earlier in the week, it was reminiscent of when he worked in law enforcement. In all his years working in it, we only had Thanksgiving on the actual day, one time, and that was the year our daughter was born.

Since then, I have been thinking about traditions. We definitely have ours that we do on the day of, or on the ‘stand in’ day. For the longest time we had a set number of traditions, but slowly over the years we have added more, like homemade cinnamon rolls on Thanksgiving morning while we watch the parade and chocolate satin pie (and pumpkin pie) after dinner.

Mostly my daughter and I have added them. I think that mostly came from us trying to celebrate the holiday when it was just the two of us, and we were waiting for him to come home. It’s nice to hear her excited for them every year, even though we have only been doing them for a short time, they have become a tradition for her. Something I hope that she will carry on with her own children.

What are your special traditions?


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