Indoor Thanksgiving Decor

I love fall – it is no secret! So, I thought I would repost some of my favorite fall projects that I have made for MTdawn – along with a few new ideas. If you like them check out the links below the photos and they will redirect you to the original post.

Indoor Thanksgiving Decor

These flowers give you a couple ideas – if you only have fake flowers, you can dress the vase up with colorful beads (or beans, rocks, rice, etc.) and tie with a bow. Here I had a little brown burlap left over so I used it and tied a little knot.

The blue ball jar is another fun idea. Since I don’t have a top for this antique, I use it as a vase and the orange burlap ribbon compliments it, and the flowers nicely.

These little pumpkin topiaries started life as dollar store pumpkins. Now they are great additions to our fall decor!

The photo above and the two below are from posts I made last year – easy and quick Thanksgiving table decor and table centerpiece – and I liked them so much they are still in my dining room.

I hope you enjoyed – check back tomorrow and I will be checking out outdoor Thanksgiving decor!


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