Fall Wreath

A fun fall wreath that comes together in quickly!

I was really amazed by how quickly this wreath came together – after everything was ready. What took the longest was the die cutting. But that was my own fault. I had a few ideas that I needed die cut leaves for and this was just one of them. The other two are posted on MTdawns sister site Pumpkin Papercraft. It is the twig chandelier and garland.

Twig Chandelier and Swag

For this project I used the Stampin’Up! Bigz Autumn Accents die.

To start I used a Dollar store foam wreath and wrapped it with tan fabric and secured it with straight pins. I then took gold tulle ribbon and wrapped around the wreath and secured it. I also made a bow from the ribbon and secured it in place and took another length and made a loop at the top for hanging. After that it was time for the leaves. I secured them in place with straight pins also. After the main layer of leaves were on the wreath, I went back with foam dots and secured more leaves on top, making sure to cover any pin heads that were showing.

Once I started putting it together it only took about an hour, and most of that was fussing over the bow.

I hope you have a great day!


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