Morning Chat 11/15/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for November 15, 2022!

Inversions, a little bit of sunshine and a winterized duck house!

Morning Chat 11/15/22, winterized duck house

Morning Chat 11/15/22

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Ours has been cold. With the early snowstorm coming thru last week, it has dropped our temperatures into what we usually don’t see until around Christmas.

Here in the valley, we get inversions. It is where cold air moves in and is trapped. When an inversion sets in the days are cold and grey. And usually, the only way it goes away is with a big storm, helping to blow it through. But yesterday was a nice oddity for us. We have had the inversion for about a week, then yesterday I noticed a breeze in the morning and by the afternoon we were enjoying the sunshine and temperatures above freezing!


We have lived thru what seemed like an endless winter here. Where it snows in October, and we don’t see the bare ground until late April.

It makes for a really long winter.


This year, like last, we have our ducks to think about. They are fairly hardy, but I still feel for them when I see them snuggled down into little balls trying to keep warm. Last year I underestimated the cold with our boys. And even though they seemed ok, I vowed to give them better protection this year.

So last month, while the temperatures were still warm, we winterized their house. I have a post about what we did, and how here. I mainly just wanted to see how it worked for them for a little while, and check for any problems, then address them in the post. Below is a preview of it, with Sofia, our Ancona duck posing in front.

Morning Chat 11/15/22, winterized duck house

I hope you have a great week!


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