Food Saver Series: Breadcrumbs


Welcome to the last post of the food saver series!

Making breadcrumbs

Food Saver Series: Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are super versatile – you can make breading for chicken nuggets, use in meatloaf or make a yummy topping for casseroles from them. The best part – they are really easy to make, and the help save money and food -because you can use the ends of loafs, even stale bread!

The other good thing – you can mix and match. I have used white sandwich bread, sourdough, hamburger and hotdog buns, even bagels and english muffins. When we find that we have just a little left or that they have gone a bit stale, I pop them in the freezer. When I get enough saved, I pull them out and let them come to room temperature then tear them into uniform sizes.

Then I dry torn pieces of bread in 250 degree over for 20-40 minutes. You will need to check about halfway thru and mix it up a little so that they all dry evenly. Once done, pull them out and let them cool. I go through them then and check the pieces (sounds like it takes a long time, but it really doesn’t), they should be nice and crisp. If not pop them back in for a little bit.

After they are all dry, I use my food processor and process them until they reach the size I like. Once reached they are placed in a storage container until they are needed.

Easy and it saves food, which also means it will save money – it’s a win, win!

What do you use breadcrumbs for?


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