Dollar Store Mini Pumpkin Topiaries


Adorable pumpkin topiaries made from dollar store pumpkins!

Aren’t these just cute – they are easy too – which I love! The idea for these actually sparked another idea. While looking at the pumpkins and working with them I started thinking that paper 3-d pumpkin topiaries would be a fun decor item to make – and the idea started to bubble, and not long after became a reality…

And of course, after I made the topiaries I thought a card that coordinated with each topiary would be fun also…I am a card maker after all…

I had so much fun making them, if you would like to see more of them you can check them out on MTdawns sister site Pumpkin Papercraft, by checking out these links: Pumpkin Autumn Wishes, Pumpkin Grateful, Pumpkin Gold Leaves.

Anyway, on to our dollar store pumpkin topiaries!

To start with I purchased 6 mini pumpkins, three for each topiary. I played with them a little to until I decided the way I wanted them to fit together. Then I removed the stems from 4 of them, the ones that I decided would be stacked on, then I started painting. You can paint them whatever colors you want – even all white would be fun! I opted to go with a more traditional color palate. I did end up painting each pumpkin 2 times. I also painted them stems brown.

Once all the pumpkins are dry, cut a piece or 1/8 down just a bit shorter than the pumpkins are tall and push the dowel into the bottom pumpkin, then push the middle pumpkin over the dowel – skewering it – on top of the bottom pumpkin then push the top pumpkin on the very top.

And they are done! Super easy for something super cute!

Above I paired them with the Thankful banner that I made for MTdawns sister site Pumpkin Papercraft.

I hope you enjoy – and have a great day!


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