Morning Chat 11/8/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for November 8, 2022!

Driving in Montana…

Morning Chat 11/8/22, driving in montana, driving in winter, driving on bad roads

Morning Chat 11/8/22

I hope everyone is having a good week! Our Monday tuned out cold and snowy bringing with it 4 inches of snow, a nasty wind and bad roads. What can I say…Welcome to Montana!

I think I can safely say that our beautiful Indian Summer that we had been enjoying here in the valley for weeks, is over.


With the first bad weather of the year, it is always interesting to me to see the different ways people react to it. Especially these last few years, we have had a lot of people move into the valley from much more temperate climates. During the warmer month you can kinda notice who isn’t from around here by the way they drive – by winter it is obvious who has no idea how to drive in the far from ideal conditions.

And the first decent snow is usually entertaining and terrifying at the same time. Some drive super slow, others act like nothing is wrong and continue to blast past everyone not doing the speed limit. Which usually ends up with them sliding off the road – because they couldn’t make the turn, left stuck sideways in the middle of a busy road, or in a wreck, all of which I saw yesterday.


Thing about it is, it’s not very hard to learn how to drive on these roads, most just don’t think about it. When I first started to drive and the roads got nasty, I would find a nice empty parking lot and put the car into skids, thus teaching myself how to get out of that situation. Around here, we don’t have any big parking lots, so I take advantage of deserted roads and do the same thing. A little practice here and there thru the winter has – Thank the good Lord – kept me from getting into an accident.

I hope you have a safe day!


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