DIY Potion Bottles

Easy to make potion bottles that are cheap and quick also!

DIY Potion Bottles

I love quick crafts – this one also gets to tout that it’s cheap too! I started with a trip to the dollar store to get 3 jars with lids and a trip to the home improvement store and picked up a can of black matte spray paint (I made sure the paint was able to be used on glass and metal.). Once home I set out a good work area and started spraying the jars. Tip: Use short light coats of the paint!

These were to be only for decoration, so I did decide to spray the inside of the jars just to cover any areas that I missed on the outside of the jar- if you want to use them to put candy in, don’t spray the inside.

Once painted I let them dry and started on the tags. I did make 2 sets of tags, one for MTdawn the other for Pumpkin Papercraft (sister site). To check out the tags for Pumpkin Papercraft click here.

I wanted the tags to look old and ragged, so I opted for kraft paper. I also used Hero Arts Infinity Nesting Tag dies, and Stamp Craft letter stamps.

I cut the tags from kraft paper and cut off the bottom portion of them. Then I stamped the words on the tags in brown ink. I wanted the tags to look a bit worn, so I edges each tag with brown ink and crunched the paper up a little. I then found some funky yarn that I have had for a while, cut it down to the width I needed and slipped it thru the hole of the tag.

Check these tags out at pumpkinpapercraft

I think they turned out great, perfect additions to our Halloween decor.


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