Morning Chat 10/18/22

Good morning and Welcome to Morning Chat for October 18, 2022!

Harvesting from the garden and sauteed summer squash!

Morning Chat 10/18/22, harvesting a garden, sauteed squash
old sheets and towels protect plants from the frost
Morning Chat 10/18/22

The inspirational verse for the week comes from Ecclesiastes, verse two especially “A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted;”. The time has come and that’s what I am doing today, plucking up or harvesting the garden.

Our garden has looked like the picture above, for much of the last month. After a warm and busy summer, the cooler temperature finally crept in at night. Making it necessary to cover even when it didn’t freeze, just to try to get the last little bits from the garden. Yesterday, we finally froze at our house, and with rain and snow in the forecast next week, I decided that today the garden will be coming out.


Slowly the garden has been thinning. And where just a few weeks ago a full garden was at the height of production, now few plants remain. I am always amazed what the last ones are. Most years it’s the same one, but not every year. This year our tomatoes are holding on, they decided to be late bloomers this year, and that must have given these heat loving plants the umph to hold on through the cooler temperatures. Another heat loving plant that has surprised me is our summer squash. I counted 20 new yellow squash coming on our plants this last week. They won’t be getting any bigger, but tonight I will be sautéing them with garlic for one last indulgence.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and a great week!


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