DIY Broom Parking sign


Last year I made the Witches Broom, this year I figured I would make a sign to go with it.

To make the sign I started with a piece of wood about 6 1/2 inches x 20 inches and painted it black. I also painted a 3-inch circle, orange. I then got on the computer and thumbed through different fonts in the Word program. After I found the ones I liked, I adjusted the font size and printed them off.

I took these sheets, trimmed them down, and on the back traced along the edge of the letters, multiple times in pencil. Once done, I positioned them over the wood and traced over the letters again. This time transferring a light pencil line on the sign. I also traced the 5 and cent sign to the orange circle.

Ribbon detail

I then took purple and orange paint markers and outlined and filled in the letters on the sign and used black to fill in the 5 and cent sign on the orange circle. After everything was dry, I used orange ribbon and hot glued it along the edge to finish off the side of the sign. I then took 3 small circle and glued them onto the sign, this will be the base of the orange circle. While the glue was drying, I took a 12-inch piece of purple Halloween tulle and 1/4-inch green ribbon and positioned them so that just an edge of the tulle would be seen with the green ribbon over it. I then glued the orange circle on top of the other circles.

I think it turned out cute – in the photo above I posed it with the Witches Broom and the twigs from the Halloween Door Hanger that I pulled apart.

Have a great day!


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