Morning Chat 10/4/22

Good morning and Welcome to Morning Chat for October 4, 2022!

Duck bumblefoot treatment

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Morning Chat 10/4/22

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. Today, I am being doctor duck mom! We have had bumblefoot in our ducks before, and with daily checks and a spraying of Vetericyn , we have luckily had it heal without much trouble.

But about 2 weeks ago we noticed that one of our Ancona ducks, Sophia, was limping a bit. So, we checked and sure enough a little spot was a bit enlarge. So, we have been doing daily duck foot checks and care for her, and even though the spot doesn’t seem to be getting worse, it doesn’t seem to be getting better. So, I figured that we may need to do a little more for her just to make sure it gets healed up before bad weather gets here.

Then today while doing some fall cleanup in the garden, I noticed that our biggest duck, our Black Swedish Gus, was standing funny. I checked his feet and sure enough he has a spot, but it has come out of nowhere. When we noticed Sophias foot, I opted to check everyone weekly. Mainly because we had a bunch of branches that they were climbing over in the backyard due to having to take down a tree. His is quite large and I am hoping we can make him feel better.

I am a bit worried about my little quackers but the plan is simple – we soak the foot in epsom salt, dry the foot, spray with Vetericyn, apply antibiotic ointment and wrap with gauze and sports wrap. Repeat as needed.

Better get to it – wish me luck!


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