Halloween Door Hanger and Wreath


A festive door hanger that comes together quickly, and a redo!

Fall has always been the busiest season for us. My problem is that I love to make stuff in the fall. The cool crisp days just invigorates my creativity. If there was ever a time when I needed to clone myself this would be it.

So, to combat some of the time crunch I opt for projects that don’t take too much time. This door hanger is one of them.

I started by gathering a small bunch of branches, tying them together with hemp cord and spray painting them black. After a quick trip to the dollar and craft stores to pick up some supplies, I was ready to start.

I was able to find glittery, willow-like picks at the dollar store. I laid them over the branches and wrapped wide black tulle ribbon around everything to keep them together. I then tied approx. 12 feet of black tulle into a bow, fluffed it then tied another bow with the ends. Fluffed the tulle again then tied another bow. Fluffed it, then trimmed the ends. I then did the same thing with orange tulle.

In all the whole project took about 2 hours – and that includes drying time.

The good thing is that when Halloween is over, I can take it apart and use the pieces for other projects.

Which brings me to my next picture.

So, as a blogger, I tend to make things ahead of time. Shoot them, then they hang around the house until I find somewhere for them or in the case of the door hanger, October dawns and I hang it outside. The problem with this is that sometimes something just seems off.

Day in and day out I would look at the door hanger above and kept thinking ‘somethings missing’. It seemed so sparse, and I finally concluded that there needed to be more branches behind it to make it look fuller. But since we had just spent a good portion of the week cleaning up branches from a tree that we had taken down I was not in a big hurry to run out to the compost pile to try to find more. Thats where taking projects apart comes in.

Last October I made an Autumn Wreath. And since last December it has been hanging nicely right outside my craft room. I really liked it, so it was something nice to look at every time I walked out of there. While thinking about the door hanger I walked into my craft rom for something and the Autumn wreath caught my eye. And the idea hit me to dismantle the wreath and the door hanger and make a new Halloween wreath from pieces of both – so that’s what I did! And I am happy I did – it looks so much better now.

Have a great day!


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