Food Saver Series: Onions


Drying onions and making onion powder.

The only thing hard about drying onions is cutting them.

If you have ever cut an onion, you know that it can make you weepy in a hurry. My advice, use a fan to blow fresh air into the area you are working in, directed right at you. I did hear that breathing thru your mouth helped. I did try it and it helped a bit, but I still felt the irritation.

I did want to mention that you can also freeze onions, by cutting them and placing them on a lined cookie sheet and popping them into the freezer. I don’t do this. I probably should, I have heard that it does saves time. When I am cooking though, it is a bit of ‘me time’. And so, I don’t worry about it and just chop them as needed.

Anyway – on to drying onions!

Drying Onions:

To dry onions you peel the onions, then cut them into even slices, usually 1/4 – 1/2 inch. Pull the rings apart and place them on the dehydrator rack. They will take up to 8 hours to dry. When dry they will be hard and a bit fragile.

To make onion powder:

To make onion powder you take the onions that you just dried and put them in a food processor. Process them till you reach the consistency that you want. I don’t like to make ours into a full powder, so I stop when it’s just finely ground.

I hope you have a great day!


Check back next Friday when I talk about how to dry and powder tomatoes!

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