Twig Chandelier and Swag


A simple twig and leaf chandelier and swag.

Twig Chandelier and Swag

I will be the first to say – this is so much cuter in person then it is in the pictures.

I have had this project done for over a month and have photographed it many times – much came to no avail. Since it is very “airy” (for lack of a better term) it is really hard to get a good shot of it. So please, bear with me…

What is needed:

  • Paper leaves – die cut, punched or cut out (you could probably even use light fabric leaves)
  • assorted wood beads
  • clear sewing thread
  • twig

For the Chandelier:

Start by tying a length of clear thread to each end of the twig. This will be your hanger.

I started by making the center first, I took a length of clear thread and tied a knot around a bead (this will be the bottom bead), then string another bead, take that same bead and loop the thread back through again. When you do that, the bead will be stuck in place, but you will be able to move it. You will use that technique for each bead on the chandelier and swag except the end beads. For the leaves, I took two identical leaves and glued them together with the thread between them.

You can make the chandelier pieces as long as you want. I opted for shorter ones because it is hanging over our dining room table.

When you are done, just tie it to the twig with a knot (or three) since sometimes the clear thread can slip.

For the Swag:

Follow the same instructions for the leaf and beads, but you can make it any length you want.

Have a great day!


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