Morning Chat 9/20/22


Good morning and Welcome to Morning Chat for September 20, 2022!

31lb Boston Marrow Squash, cutting a tree down and a full day of yard cleanup.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Ours has been busy. About mid-week I was looking out at our garden and noticed a large Boston Marrow squash that had been growing up a trellis was missing. Earlier in the summer I had put a sling around it, and it had finally grown to be too heavy for it, splitting the sling and coming off the plant. Luckily it fell just a couple feet. If it would have been any higher it probably would have broken. Our other part of luck is that there were no ducks under it when it fell. It weighs in at 31lbs (Thats a lot of squash!) and would have easily flattened one of the ducks who at the most only weigh 8lbs.

Also, last week on Morning Chat I showed pictures of part of a tree that had been blown down and its subsequent destruction of my daughters’ mud kitchen. After evaluating the rest of the tree, we realized that it would need to be taken out. We talked to a friend – Mr. B – who said he would be happy to help but didn’t know when (he’s a busy guy!) and just decided to be ready to do it anytime. Crazy us, it happened this last weekend.

I had worked in the yard moving tulip bulbs all day and was hoping to relax the next when that got a bit sidetracked when my husband came home and said that Mr. B could take it down the next day. The good thing is that it only took a us a couple hours to get it down. And other then just a couple broken stems on some echinacea, there was no damage.

The bad part… yesterday we woke up a yard full of branches that needed cleaned off, trimmed, cut to length and stacked. sigh

The good news is that it is a new day, and other then a couple piles of branches that need to be cut – one with lop shears the other with a chainsaw – we are done.

Well, I guess at least I know what I am doing next weekend!

I hope you have a great week!


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