Morning Chat 9/13/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for September 13, 2022!

intolerance to duck eggs, a tree down and a destroyed mud kitchen

Morning Chat 9/13/22, duck eggs, adverse reaction to duck eggs, tree blown down

Morning Chat 9/13/22

The last few weeks have been interesting for us. It started a couple weeks ago after my husband ate our duck eggs. After a couple hours he became ill, I’m not going to go into the specifics, but we figured it was possibly the way they were handled.

Last week, while family was visiting, we had duck eggs for breakfast. Once again, my husband became ill from them. No one else became ill from them, so we figured it wasn’t in the preparing. They are just too much for his system. Which is hilarious because he used to boast that his gut had the cure for everything…hmm, not no more! A friend was even giving him grief that his system was just too dainty for them. Which is funny cause my husband is a big manly-man, I guess he’s just my dainty manly-man now!


After that fun filled family visit, we had more adventures. The day they left, we went out to do some errands. While we were gone the wind picked up and when we returned, we found that it had blown down part of one of our trees (it’s pictured above). Not the best thing I have ever come home to. And having to console an upset child and clean up the mess was not what I wanted to do that night. But, that’s life.

Morning Chat 9/13/22, duck eggs, adverse reaction to duck eggs, tree blown down

After everything was cleaned up, we could fully survey the damage, other than my daughters mud kitchen being destroyed and a bent piece of pvc pipe, that was the roof of her playhouse, nothing was damaged – thankfully!

So, I am back to the drawing board on another play kitchen. Which my daughter has already started dropping hints of what she wants, but with fall here and winter coming soon it will be a project for the spring.

I am just hoping our excitement is done, and we can get back to normal.


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