Easy Rustic Frames


Take a frame and a bit of chicken wire and you have a rustic decor item that was quick and easy.

It is no secret that I like projects that are cute and quick – I’m a mom, my time is valuable! And even though I love creating and crafting, sometimes I just don’t have the time. Maybe someday I will be able to get lost in an involved project, but not right now – ehh, that’s life.

Sorry, the lighting on our enclosed deck is twinkle lights – which give a cozy feel, but not the best to shoot in!

To make these rustic frames you need:

  • frame (I got ours at Michaels, but you can use any frame that you can staple into)
  • chicken wire that is a bit larger than the frame
  • good gloves (chicken wire can be hard on the hands)
  • staple gun and staples

How to:

Take the back off the frame and the glass out of it. Cut the chicken wire so that it is a bit larger then the frame and then attach it to the frame. After you get the first couple staples in, stretch the wire just a bit to make it taught, but not enough to distort the wire. After it is stapled in place, trim any extra wire off and push down any wire that is sticking up. And you are done.

We have these either hanging in our enclosed deck or sitting on a photo ledge in our living room. The photo below they are hanging out on our photo ledge with the molding wreath that I posted in September of last year. I just removed the flowers, and we use it for year-round decor.

I have also used these for display for papercrafts that I do – such as below…

I find them very versatile. I hope you have a great day!


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