Morning Chat 9/6/2022

Good morning and welcome to Morning Chat for September 6, 2022!

Morning Chat 9/6/2022, fall wreath, autumn wreath, diy fall wreath

Morning Chat 9/6/2022

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. With Labor Day being over and schools back into full swing, that means Fall is in the air! I love Fall, the cool crisp nights, colorful leaves falling from the trees, pumpkins getting nice and plump, and everywhere you look is pumpkin spice!

Last week I pulled our Fall decorations out started making plans for the ones that will be made, like the wreath above. I have made one similar to it before, but this year I wanted to try something new.

I will note that this wreath is actually part of a craft idea I have for a Thanksgiving wreath. I really liked how it came together and thought it would be fun to post about it now, and then in November post about the other part that makes it “Thanksgivingy” (if that’s a word – hmm, I’ll just go with it!).

I started with a grapevine wreath and a six-foot-long crocheted scarf (I had made the scarf a while back as one of my very first crochet projects). If you wanted to recreate the look but don’t crochet, you can use a store-bought scarf, or a piece of fabric. I wrapped the scarf around the wreath and secured the ends at the same point. I then added faux flowers.

My idea for ‘something new’ was the wood bead “bow”. It’s not really a bow, but it looks like it. I started by getting 3 – 18 inch lengths of wire (I think I used 22 gauge). I string the beads on the wire in the pattern I liked and then secured the ends to make circles. I made all three that way then I took each circle and twisted them into a figure ‘8’ with the secured part in the middle, then I attached them with a little more wire to the wreath.

I played with it just a little bit till I got it just the way I wanted.

Morning Chat 9/6/2022, fall wreath, autumn wreath, diy fall wreath

I think it is a great addition to our Fall decor!

I hope you have a great day!


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