Introducing a new category on MTdawn: Save Food

Since food prices are doing nothing but going up, I thought I would start a category for great ways to save food…

…and with that comes saving money!

Introducing a new category on MTdawn: Save Food
saving food

At any time of life, being able to save food from be wasted is wonderful. We are so blessed to be in a country where food is abundant, but if you have checked the grocery store lately you will probably notice that your grocery bill has been doing a steady climb for months now. Making any wasted food hurt a whole lot more than it used to.

So, what do you do?

You save it the best you can. Use leftovers, freeze and/or dry extras from the garden, can meat when you get a great deal on it, even buy in bulk – just make sure you know how to store it.

I remember just a short while ago – at the top of the pandemic craze – that the shelves of flour at the grocery store was empty. Nothing new, I am sure everyone seen something similar no matter where you lived. But during that trip I encountered an older gentleman that just looked at me and said, “I wonder if everyone who bought everything, even knows how to use it?” motioning to the empty shelves. I countered with “Or at least know how to store it.”.

Buying it, and using it are one thing…

…but what if you need to store it for long term?

Thats where MTdawn comes in. I consider all who read my blog to be friends, and I want to help my friends. God has blessed me with wanting to learn how to do this, I figure the best thing for me to do is try to help anyone who wants to learn also.


I have written posts about saving food in the past, there is Drying garlic and homemade garlic powder, Canning Ground Beef, Canning Chicken, Freezing Strawberries and Freezing Blueberries.

I have also written about meal planning that helps save food, with the post Budget Friendly Meals, which gives you an idea of how to use up leftovers.

And if you checked out Morning Chat from yesterday, I mentioned that I will be starting the Food Saver Series on Friday – that will go for 12 weeks – goodness, it’s gonna be a lot of work – but so worth it! I also mentioned what each week’s post will be about in that chat post. And, all of those posts will be available under the category of: Save Food for easy reference in the future.

I hope you are able to check it out – let me know what you think!


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