How far have you come?

Looking to the past to help motivate you for the future.

How far have you come? bridge, foot bridge, moving past experiences, letting go of past experiences

How far have you come?

What have you accomplished in the past?

For myself it’s easy to see what I have done in the past – project wise – all I have to do is walk through my house. There are projects everywhere that show what I have done. From the easy paper decor items to the involved house renovations – most of which were completed by me (Not all of them, I want to give credit to my hubby who has had his full share of projects.). Then if I pull up the blog, I can rummage thru the 142 posts that have come before this one – and that’s just on MTdawn, Pumpkin Papercraft has another 36 posts! That surprises me that I have been able to accomplish so many. I really didn’t think I had that much writing in me!

For the personal side, it takes a little more digging. I know what is in my past, but sometimes time fades the details. I recently looked back at reread what I wrote for Morning Chat – 1/3/22. That was the very first Morning Chat that I posted. In it I give a little background of who I am and where I have been. Even though it was just a little over 7 months ago that I wrote it, the life I had then almost seems alien now. I will note, that in that post, I didn’t even cover other very personal challenges and heartbreak that I have faced. Some of which I don’t know if I ever will talk about them, they are painful. And even though I have recovered, even forgiven, sometimes the best think you can do is learn from the experience and move on. Forgiving can be helpful but forgetting can be harmful in numerous ways.


So, exactly how far have I come?

For the projects, I look at them and it helps me to keep moving forward. Even though I have been creating most my life, I will still make something and just be wowed by it. I know that God gave me that creativity and I am very happy about it. I know that explanation seems like so little in comparison to some, but it is the truth. Sometimes just being happy about something is best and can give you so much motivation for the future.

For the personal side, time does heal. It may feel like it is taking an eternity, but as I said before, time will fade the pain. But the lessons that came from that pain, shouldn’t fade. Like a scar from an injury, they should be a reminder, good or bad, of the lesson learned. As I look back, I see that even during the hardest times, I made it thru. Even as rough as they were, God got me through it. I know that there will be future times that are as hard or harder. And I will get through them also.

How far have you come?


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