Morning Chat 8/15/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for August 15, 2022!

One year anniversary of blogging, a pretty little wreath, a schedule change and introducing ‘Monday Memes’!

Morning Chat 8/15/22, one year anniversary, diy wreath, square wreath

Morning Chat 8/15/22

Yesterday was a momentous day for me – it was the one-year anniversary of starting my blogging journey! To celebrate I took us out to dinner – alfredo at a local restaurant, yum! And I just enjoyed being with the people that support me the most, my husband and daughter.

So, at this time I want to Thank my husband and daughter publicly – I know I haven’t been easy to live with sometimes – it has definitely been a learning curve. They have loved me even when I have acted – or act – crazy!

Thank you.


An easy wreath to celebrate my 1 year!

Really this is easy: Take a bunch of branches about 18 inches long and divide them into 4 groups. Take 2 of the groups and place them about 10 inches apart and then take the other 2 groups and place them across the first 2. One set at the top and the other at the bottom – to make a box. On my wreath, as you can see above, I adjusted them in so that there is about 4-5 inches of the ends sticking out from the corners. I then took jute cord and wrapped around each corner, and then took another piece of jute – tied a little bow and added a pretty flower.

I hope you like it!


Schedule change and introducing Monday Memes…

Over the last few weeks I have been working hard on the blog – And one thing I noticed was that I wanted to have a little more fun. So, starting today – I am introducing Monday Meme – where every week I will gather my top 10 (or so) funniest memes for a given topic. I hope you enjoy todays post; the theme is Mondays. Also, today will be the last Morning Chat on a Monday – starting next week I will be posting it on Tuesdays. This is mostly to help me because Monday morning my husband is usually home, and it throws me off. Plus, with moving it I can have more time in the AM with my family – a extra bonus.

Well, I hope you have a great week – enjoy the memes for the day and I’ll chat with you later!


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