Homeschool Resources

Here is a list of resources that I use for homeschooling. This is by far not the most comprehensive list – just what I have used repeatedly. Since everyone is different you will want to make your own list when you are in your planning stages -your own list, is by itself, a great resource.

Homeschool, homeschool resources

Homeschool Resources

Also, please note on some of the online resources- I am homeschooling an elementary age child. If you are homeschooling someone a bit older you will need to look at resources that are geared for them.

In person resources:

  • bookstores (books, magazines, workbooks, etc)
  • school supply stores
  • office supply stores
  • libraries

Online resources:

  • – this is a great place to get started. They have everything from reviewing state laws and different methods to support, freebies, you name it.
  • – another great place to get started – the website and content lean toward the legal side of homeschooling. Make sure your homeschool is on the up and up – you don’t want to get in trouble with the law!
  • – another great resource for research and advocacy
  • – free worksheets for grades K-5, you can also buy materials.
  • – free stuff section, you can also buy decorations, classroom organization, etc.
  • – printable worksheets for low monthly/annual fee Preschool-8
  • – I love looking thru the catalogs and the website of Lakeshore -lots of great products for elementary. Just glad we don’t have a store near us – I would probably be broke…
  • – if I really need to buy anything I go to Christian Book. If I keep an eye out and check it often, I can usually get the resource at a discount.
  • Personal websites/blogs – there is a great number of personal websites and blogs out in internet land that have resources that you can use for free or pay a small amount for. Here on MTdawn, you can check out what I have put on the site for homeschooling at
  • – great place to find homeschool inspiration – also a great place to find personal websites.

Other resources:

Other great resources can be anything and everything. You can use clubs, organizations, classes, museums, trips, businesses…really the sky is the limit for what you can use. Also, don’t underestimate people close to you and your homeschooler. Friends, family – grandparents are a great resource to tell about a different time. Even church can yield lots of resources. We have a lady where we go to church that is 100+ years old. Just being able to hear what she went through in the Great Depression and World War 2 would be a great resource. We also have a family from another country – just image what could be gleaned from talking with them.

What do you use – or could you use – as a homeschool resource?


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