Morning Chat 8/8/22

Good morning and welcome to Morning Chat for August 8, 2022!

little quacking pygmies and jungle gardening

Morning Chat 8/8/22, ducks, sunrise

Morning Chat 8/8/22

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a busy weekend of helping out friends with wedding stuff and enjoying local festivities! The best thing about being busy is that you enjoy the slow times a lot more. Thats where we are right now. We were so busy over the last few months, and now, finally now we are getting to see the fruits of our labor while we sit back and enjoy them…at least for a few minutes a day!

It is amazing how much still needs to be done or will need to be done, especially in our garden. We have a nice, full garden, that if left alone it will start to resemble a jungle. I really don’t care about the idea of needing a machete just to garden, and I really don’t think I would look good in a pith helmet. I guess if the garden was a jungle, it would make the ducks little quacking pygmies…hmmm….

One wonderful thing I noticed last night is that we have green beans ready to harvest – ahh, fresh green beans sauteed with garlic – fresh, home-grown garlic – I think I have mentioned it before, but it really is wonderful and in itself, is the whole reason to garden. That and the yummy tomatoes that I have seen plumping nicely on the vine and the even fatter sugar pie pumpkins that will be the base of endless goodies all fall and well into the winter.

Well, time to get to work, before the jungle takes over – I hope you have a great week!


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