Morning Chat 8/1/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for August 1, 2022!

$3000 dollar duck egg and a hot weekend!

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a good, hot weekend. This last week has been our hottest of the year – which makes our house warm since we opted not to have AC this year because I’m not working (trying to save money ya know). But with the warm house it makes it hard to sleep at night, which makes this Morning Chat, more of a Bunch Chat! Doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it

You can tell we lead a quiet life when our biggest news of the week is that we got our very first duck egg! Saturday morning, I went out to let our girls out to roam and I found it. I can just imagine what they were thinking when they popped it out – and I can just imagine our boys were looking on in terror when they realized that these cute little girls have things coming out their rear-ends! Kinda changes the relationship a little…

The good thing about this new development, besides having a fresh supply of eggs – is that my husband will stop grumbling about them. He was just saying the day before that they better start laying because at the moment, they were just expensive pets. After finding the egg, we were figuring everything that we have spent on them so far – and that cute little butt nugget cost us about $3000! Too bad it wasn’t made of gold…guess we should have got geese!


This week on the blog I have posts (Wed and Fri) about the duck house and run. They are long posts – with lots of photos! Even one of me, in my not so Sunday best, so please don’t critisize too much!

Well, my coffee cup is empty, time for more – I hope you have a great day!


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