Pallet Couch

A fun place to hang out and enjoy lazy summer days!

Pallet Couch, upcycle pallets, pallet projects, easy pallet couch

Pallet Couch

We are always outside. Even in the cold winter months you can usually find us outside making snowmen or having a snowball fight. And in the winter, we are always moving to stay warm while being outside.

The summer however is a different story!

It is a time to relax and enjoy – sometimes to even watch the grass grow – and if not the grass – the pumpkins! So, with all this time to lounge I figured that we needed a proper place to enjoy it. In comes the pallet couch!

I have seen these online for a few years now and always thought that it would be nice to have place to just crash and pass the day on. We have chairs but I wanted something that my daughter could enjoy some Kids Quiet Time on while playing barbies or reading books. This was just the ticket!

It is really simple to put together – just think of the pallets like big blocks! When we picked up the pallets, my husbands’ friend also gave him some boards that were just a bit larger than the pallets, I took two of them and we trimmed them down to fit on top of the pallets, so we now have a nice platform.

I then decided we needed something soft to sit on – that was also machine washable! I thumbed thru our garden sheets and found a queen size flat sheet that had a pretty floral print. Then off to the craft store I went with a 40% off coupon to get a package of twin quit batting. I essentially made an envelope with the – now clean -sheet. Sandwiching the batting between the layers and slipped coordinating yarn through the layers and tying them with a knot to keep everything together. After that, I pilfered the house of big fluffy pillow, hung the stars (check out how to make those at Lath Christmas Star and Quick and Easy Stars) and we just had to have some fun flamingo lights!

Pallet Couch, upcycle pallets, pallet projects, easy pallet couch

Now it’s time to relax and watch the world go by!


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