Morning Chat 7/25/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for July 25, 2022!

‘isn’t this done yet’?

Morning Chat 7/25/22, swans, geese, mallard ducks

Morning Chat 7/25/22

The quote of the week is “Finish what you start no matter how painful it may be”- from gymnast Nastia Liukin. When I read that I just chuckled, then rubbed my sore back. Oh, how true it is.

Thankfully after months – what seems like an eternity somedays – our projects are finally slowing down – we are almost done!

And that makes me very happy.

This week the posts are about fun things, making a kids chalkboard and a pallet couch. Which, since I have made the pallet couch, I have had very little time to enjoy it. I plan to remedy that very soon!


Have you ever got to the point in a project – or projects – where you think ‘isn’t this done yet‘?

That happens to me every year. Since we have no garage or shop to be able to work in in the cold months – and since we live in Montana, we have just a few of those every year (I really hope you hear the sarcasm in that!) – we tend to overload our spring and summers. My hope is that someday we will have a place out of the elements to be able to do projects year-round. But for now, this is life. And even though I am tired, I will be extremely happy when they are all done.

I hope you have a great week – and good luck on any of your projects!


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