Quick and Easy Stars

Fun and easy stars to make for any occasion!

Back in December I had a post about the Lath Christmas Star. After Christmas it got a new home and has sitting in our side yard. I knew I wanted to put it up in that yard but couldn’t figure out where I wanted it. So, after some thought and making a pallet couch (post to come next week) I thought a good place would be over the pallet couch. It was cute but seemed a little stark with just the one star so I thought it would be fun to make a couple more.

My initial thought was to make one out of twigs – but I got a little sidetracked on that and ended up making a wreath (another post to come next month). I did find some old bamboo stakes that I used in the garden. Some were broken due to their use and in the end, I only had to cut 3 of them.

I will note that you can make these any size you want, the pieces just have to be the same length.

Bamboo Star:

For the Bamboo star you will want 5 pieces of bamboo that are the same length. I went with what I had, and they measured about 2 feet (give or take). The good thing about bamboo stakes is that they are easy to cut. I was able to use a pair of scissors, but if needed a miter box and saw would quickly cut them to size.

After all pieces were cut, I made the star. I used jute cord to secure the piece together at all intersecting points with a knot. I will let you know that the pieces will move a little while they are being tied together. You will have a little play in the piece to adjust it as you want it.

Lath Star:

The other star I made is just like the Lath Christmas Star just smaller. It measures about 2 feet also. To make it you will need lath strips cut to the size you want and a nail gun. If you don’t have a nail gun you could also use wood glue or liquid nails.

To make it: lay your piece how you want them and connect them at each intersecting point. Be careful if you are using a nail gun, the lath strips aren’t very thick so you will want to make sure you don’t nail the project to anything it’s not supposed to be. After the pieces were nailed together, I used a hammer and pounded the nails over so they didn’t catch on anything.

I hope you enjoy – have a great day!


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