Morning Chat 7/18/22

Good morning and Welcome to Morning Chat for July 18, 2022!

A finished duck house/run and thank yous!

Morning Chat 7/18/22, sunrise photographs, duck house

Morning Chat 7/18/22

It has been a long, hot, tiring week and I am very happy that it is over.

Last week I mentioned that we were finishing our duck run/houses for our little fluffy butts. I am glad to say – it is done!!

I would do a happy dance – but I am so tired and sore that I might hurt myself!


What is best about this is, that with it completed we are almost done with our summer projects. We had at one time over the winter, thought that we had no projects for the summer…silly us. I guess there is always hope for next year. Plus, we are running out of room, so unless we buy a farm that hope for a low project year – is still alive.


I will have a couple posts going over what we did in the duck house and run the first week of August, I have been slowly working on that post – but there is a bunch of information – and pictures!

I do want to send out a BIG “Thank you” to Mr. M – the boss – and Miss M -the queen of the staple gun – they are our great friends that came over to help us with the moving/building of the run. You guys are the greatest!

Ahh, now it is time for more coffee – I hope you all have a great day!


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