Morning Chat 7/11/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for July 11th, 2022!

over-engineering a duck house and plans for the week

Morning Chat 7/11/22, duck house

Morning Chat 7/11/22

The sun has risen and spread it’s light over the valley, illuminating what will be a beautiful day.

This week is going to be busy in our house. Lord willing – if all goes as planned by this time next week our duck house/run will be all done. It is the largest project that we had on the to-do list, and it will be so nice to be able to have it completed.


A couple months ago I built the duck house for our girls, they were getting big and needed to be outside. That was a big undertaking for me. As I have experience building stuff, it was by far the largest. Plus adding to the fact that it had to be able to withstand Montana winters, which can include feet of snow and howling winds, made me a bit apprehensive. In the end it came out well, and our girls have a sturdy – maybe a bit over engineered – house to call home.

This week the plan will be to dismantle our 6×12 kennel – that was originally used for our dog – who by the way decided that the fluffy couch was much more preferable to the hard pavers that are in the kennel. For the longest time it was also used as open-air storage for yard/garden stuff. Then last year we got our boys and it evolved into their run. Which included adding chicken wire around the perimeter, a small duck house and roof.

We then got the girls, and soon the thought of having 8 ducks romping thru my yard all-day everyday was more then I wanted to deal with on a permanent basis. All our little fluffy butts needed their own diggs. The catch was that we don’t want ducklings – at least not yet, and so we intend to keep them in the same run but separated. Which meant a lot of planning.

Once it is all done, I will have a post about it, maybe 2, since it is gonna be pretty big. Since my husband is in charge of the roof over the duck run, I am sure that the roof over it will be able to support a small aircraft – he is the king of over-engineering, that’s probably where I got it from. It has rubbed off on me over the last 20+ years of marriage!

Well, I have better get with it, there’s a lot to do! I hope you have a wonderful day and a great week!


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