4th of July projects

Here are some fun and quick 4th of July projects that we made with ideas from other blogs!

I love being crafty and making up projects – I really do! But every now and then something comes up – like a holiday – and I have so many other things going on that thinking up a fun, quick project is just not going to happen.

Can you say – “Hello internet!”

There are so many ideas for great projects it’s mind boggling. And Pinterest is just one place where you can find ideas for probably anything your heart desires, and I know there are a ton of other great places to get inspiration. Here are just a couple that we came across (on Pinterest) and I thought I would share with you the projects that we made.

Popsicle stars:

I have seen popsicle sticks being used for stars all over the internet, but I ran across these cute and quick popsicle stars from The Keele deal. Adree does a great job showing you how to make them at https://thekeeledeal.com/popsicle-stick-stars-door-hanger/.


Adree used twine to for her door hanger, but I decided to go with jute. It’s just a bit bigger and gives the rustic look that I was going for.


These cute stars are hanging out on our Wood card display.

Firework Craft with toilet paper/paper towel rolls:

This project was one that my daughter just loved! So much, that she made so many that you can’t see my tabletop in our dining room because it’s covered with “firework” pictures. She loved it for 3 reasons – 1) she loves to paint, 2) she loves to try different techniques with paint. And 3 – or the most important one of all – She loves glitter! (Yep, she’s all girl!)

We got the idea for this project from Brooke over at startathomedecor.com. To see the original post, check out http://startathomedecor.com/easy-4th-july-firework-craft/. The glitter is our addition to this project, mainly because my daughter doesn’t do any painting projects without it – She even wanted to put some on our house when we painted it!

I actually decided to try something a bit different with this craft. I thought these would make cut luminarias!


I pulled out some 8 1/2×11 vellum and stamped the paint onto it – and yes, I added a little glitter also! Let it dry and then tapped it together to make a cylinder. Add a battery-operated light and done!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our little projects! Thanks to Adree at thekeeledeal.com and Brooke at startathomedecor.com. Keep up the good work Ladies!


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