What Makes Us Content?

Are you content…or always looking for something better?

What Makes Us Content? yellow headed blackbird

What Makes Us Content?

What makes some people happy with a small house in the middle of a city where others will only be happy in a grand mansion with acres of rolling hills around them?


In my short time on this earth, I have known people that are perfectly content working as retail managers and others, that are the amazing surgeons, only seem happy if all eyes are looking at them while they try the latest new medical advancements. Drive, yes, many are very driven, but are they happy?

Is being content in our circumstances something that is just in us? Or is it a choice? I would have to lean toward the later. I think a lot of life comes down to a choice. What we wear, where we work, where we live, even who we marry are all choices we make. Yes, some have much more lasting end result then others. What you wear may only be significant for a day, even a week, but who you marry can last for the rest of your life.

Like many of the choices above, I think we have to make the choice to be content.

I am a prime example; I would love to have a larger house with more land – at least the land – but with property/housing costs in our area doubling in the last two years the idea becomes unrealistic. When we noticed the trend, we had to have a true heart to heart with ourselves. We then realized the blessing that we have with having a paid off house and we started working to change our mindset to feeling content in our circumstances. It took us having to make a choice, albeit a difficult choice, to allow ourselves to be happy where we are.

So, once again I will ask you – are you content?


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