Morning Chat 6/13/22

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Jurassic Park Dominion, expensive popcorn and canning meat!

Morning Chat 6/13/22

Morning Chat 6/13/22

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a very busy one.

A few weeks ago, I asked my husband what to think about what he wanted for/or to do for Father’s Day. He decided that he wanted to go to the new Jurassic Park movie – Jurassic World Dominion, which was really fun. Both of us have been JP fans since the first one came out. I can remember reading the book before Jurassic Park came out- almost 30 years ago!

I know some of the reviews came back negative, but we enjoyed it. We liked that they finally answered a question that we had from the first one – involving a can – not going to say anymore just in case you want to see it. And it was nice to see old characters brought back, I have been a fan of Sam Neill ever since JP came out. We only wished that they had brought back Joseph Mazzello (Timmy) and Ariana Richards (Lex) from the first movie. (FYI, if you want to watch a great miniseries try The Pacific from HBO it stars Joseph Mazzello – whom I am also a fan of after seeing this, he did a great job!)

After enjoying our popcorn – which we needed to take a loan out just to buy – and watching dinosaurs run rampant thru the streets of Malta it was time to wander home. But the fun didn’t stop there! Or well, maybe it did. I don’t know if being yelled at by ducks is fun, certainly is loud. They definitely were not happy to be couped up on such a nice rainy day.

After letting out our own feathery dinosaur wanna-be’s, it was time to can. Pressure can that is. After hearing reports that we may be experiencing blackouts over the summer I figured I protect the small investment that we have in our freezer – meaning our meat – and can it. It will do two things for us – one, it will put the meat into a long-term storage (the shelf life is around 18 months) and two, it opens up freezer space. Summer’s coming – gotta have room for ice cream! By the way, since we knew I was canning when we got home, we were enjoying a discussion about what dinosaurs tasted like – we figured chicken – what do you think?

Anyway…pressure canning meat is something new to me, I have home canned a lot in the past but never meat. So, as any good blogger, I made notes, took some pictures and will be making a post about it soon. I am glad to say that it looks like everything turned out well. Over the next week I will be cooking with some to verify the results.

Well, time to get going, still have another batch to can and I hear the feathery beasts. I hope you have a great day!


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