Pallet garden edging

A simple edge to any garden bed.

Pallet garden edging
Pallet and furring strip edging – and a glimpse of my daughter’s earth, moon, and rocket chalk drawing.
Pallet garden edging

So, what happens when the need arises to try to keep tall, fluffy plants in their place? You make a tall-ish edge to keep them back.


A few years ago I planted lilies near our front door. The problem? They grow like mad and try to take over their area. I originally had an edging that just didn’t help. It was flimsy and hard to work around, so while working on a couple other projects the idea came to mind to make a simple ladder type edging. Something sturdy, but cute and of course budget friendly.

The photo above shows really how simple they are. The top and bottom rails are 16-foot furring strips. We got them from a local store for $5.98 each (The sad thing is 2 years ago they were $3.98 each – but that’s another story!). The rungs are pallet slats cut to 12-inch lengths.

I cut the pieces to the needed size and then laid them out. The rungs I eyed where they went, but there is around 4 inches between each one. Then once I was happy about how it looked, I screwed them together. To keep the piece upright I used longer pallet slats and pounded them into the ground – behind one of the rungs (so you can’t see them) and attached it to the edge. And it was done. The nice thing is that it cost less than $20 for 15 feet!

I like that!

Liked it and the price so much that I made some for edging in our backyard also.

Pallet garden edging
part of our bug control team, Freckles, Lady and Betsy

Our back yard was a bit more tricky. We have a bug control team – that likes to eat, well anything. Anyway, they would easily get their little feathered heads between the rungs so I made the one for the backyard just the same but stapled foot tall chicken wire to the back of it. I also made it in smaller lengths, so that I can remove portions of it. Thus making it easier to work on the bed, like I will need to do later this summer when I need to take a portion out and dig up tulip bulbs that have decided to overgrow the area they were in.

Pallet garden edging
backyard edging

I think it turned out really well. The nice thing is I made edging for approximately 40 feet for less than $50.

Hope you enjoy – have a great day.


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