Morning Chat 6/6/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for June 6, 2022!

impatient ducks and mommy’s day

Morning Chat 6/6/22

Morning Chat 6/6/22

Today I woke to a cool wet day and quacking ducks. They are funny, I akin them to a 2-year-old, because they have no patience. They know that a good day of rummaging lies ahead of them and they are ready to get started.

And I can understand completely. I have my own good day ahead of me. Today is one of those rare days that I get it off. A mommy’s day! Yay! I don’t get them very often, in fact I think it has been at least 4-5 months since my last one.

I try to schedule one about once a month, but life has a way of changing what you want, and sometimes you have to go with the flow. Most the time a whole day isn’t going to happen, but maybe an hour or two can, which I wrote about in a previous post Mom time. But a day off – a whole dayahh – is one of those rare times where I don’t have to have my mom hat on. My husband gets kid, dog and duck duty – not to mention making meals and washing dishes and I can just be me. A mini vacay!

Well, I better get going! I hope you get a little vacay for yourself today!


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