Kids Play Fridge and Microwave

This post is a sequel to the Kids Play Kitchen post

After I made my daughter her play kitchen, she soon expressed a need for a fridge. So, one lovely day when she was visiting Grandma, I decided to make her one – and I figured I would make her a little microwave to go with it.

Kids Play Fridge and Microwave

The idea for the fridge actually came to me from our local resale store. I was browsing around – kinda typical for me – and ran across an upper cabinet in good shape for a good price. I think I paid $10 for it. It was nothing special – normal run of the mill cabinet. So, I snatched it up and brought it home.

First thing I did was remove the door and give it a good cleaning. It wasn’t very dirty, so I didn’t have to do an in-depth cleaning. But after that I did sand it to take the finish off – recleaned it and was ready to paint. The whole piece got a coat of primer. Then the panel on the door got a couple coats of magnetic paint (I just realized that I don’t have any magnets on the front of it in these pictures – sorry – it really is magnetic though!). Then after the magnetic paint was dry, I gave the whole piece a couple coats of white paint. While that was drying, I made a quick trip to our local hardware to pick up a handle. The handle actually cost more than the cabinet! Got back and drilled holes for the handle, attached it, and freehanded the “stuff” inside the fridge on the door (I am not an artist in the least!). And I added footers to raise the cabinet.

I eventually had to place the fridge up on blocks to raise it more because it was hard to open when it was on carpet.

Kids Play Fridge and Microwave

The microwave made from 6 pieces of wood, 2 small hinges and an extra handle we had laying around. The pieces were all sanded and cleaned and then assembled. After they were put together (all but the door), it got a coat of white paint. Then after the white was fully dry, I painted the outside of it purple (because my daughter loves purple). I then used painters’ tape and taped off and area on the door for the window and number pad and used a little grey paint we had laying around. After all the paint was dry, I used a black marker and freehanded the numbers on the number pad, added the handle and hinges and was done.

I hope you enjoy – have a great day!


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