Morning Chat 5/23/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for May 23, 2022!

garden set-up, straw bale gardening, and compound bows!

gardening, strawbale gardening
Spring Kale
Morning Chat 5/23/22

We have a lovely day ahead of us – which is good because I have a garden to prep for planting later this week. This spring I have a lot less to do in the garden then I did last year. Last year we ended up moving the main garden, and that was a job in a half. I pulled up sod and transplanted it, leveled off the old garden area, put down cardboard to kill the grass in other places and used the straw-bale gardening method to help establish the soil. If you are wondering about it – it works! There’s a little work at the start, but the plants do great, and, in the end, you get beautiful compost. Which is why we did it, to help the soil.

If you are wondering about the ‘main’ idea – it is because we have 2 separate areas for our garden. We have the main garden which takes up a good portion of our backyard, which houses the duck house and later this summer the duck run, and the south garden. Which – you guessed it – is on the south side of our house. It is comprised of 5 large, raised beds – and one little one, along with a sitting area for us, our bow range (us girls just took up shooting compound bows – it’s great for homeschool!) and houses my daughters Kids Pallet Playhouse and the Kids Pallet Mud Kitchen that I made her (it’s a very busy yard!). Of the 5 beds in the south garden 3 are for regular garden use, and 2 have fruit plants in them, blueberries and raspberries to be exact. Last year They didn’t do too well, so I am hoping that the change of scenery along with a well amended garden bed helps.

If you are a regular to my little blog, you may remember that I talked about Spring Garden Clean-up back in April, but today my job is setting up the bones of the garden. Which entails a lot of t-posts, wire and a few pallets, I am also putting up a teepee for the green beans, which I have had for the last few years and just love the look of it when it is all decked out in green vine-y splendor!

Well, I hear the ducks telling me it’s time to get up! I hope you have a great day!


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