Morning Chat 5/16/22

Good morning and Welcome to Morning Chat for May 16, 2022!

absurdity with beauty and grace…

absurdity with beauty and grace,  tulip stems

This morning while reading I took a moment to sip coffee. I was sitting on a couch on our enclosed deck that doubles as a dining room. And as my eyes wandered around the room and the foggy landscape that lay beyond the window, it struck me how strange the scene looked.

In the middle of the table is an antique vase with fresh cut tulips from our garden. The soft curving stems and silky petals made a stark contrast to the items that are cluttered around it. The power tools, seed packets, work gloves and school supplies that lay scattered across the table is a good representation of our lives at the moment. And in all honesty, probably of many peoples lives.

It gave me hope that grace and beauty will survive in a world of tasks to be completed. Hope that my to-do list won’t blot out the calm stillness that gazing upon the flowers brought.

Thinking of them now, they give me renewed hope and a good dash of desire to clean the table off of anything and everything that doesn’t belong. Which means I will be busy today finishing projects and putting away the clutter. So that tonight when I sit back down to enjoy a cup of tea before bed I can look back over the scene and be calmed by the beauty of the flowers and be able to truly enjoy them before resting for the night.

I hope you are able to find a bit of beauty today. Have a great day!


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