Update: 6 months post hysterectomy

6 months ago, I had a robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy -you can read about it at My hysterectomy experience. I also did a 4 week follow-up with Post Hysterectomy Life. Here is an update to how I am doing 6 month post-op.

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Update: 6 months post hysterectomy

I have a confession…I end up laughing every time I walk by the tampons and pads in the store

I know it maybe a little twisted but the thought of not having to worry about them anymore – even after 6 months -makes me very happy.


I know some will have no idea what I am talking about, but there are some women out there that probably do the same thing. And it’s not even because they are no longer needed but just everything that revolved around my period and the need for them. Before my hysterectomy I had pain almost daily, sometimes to the point where I was living with a heating pad around my stomach. I also had horrific mood swings with PMDD that I (and my family) was dealing with and the abnormality of, well, everything.

And now?

Well, none of that!

At least not near as much. 6 months later, I have no pain. Hallelujah! And The PMDD – it is pretty much gone also. My mood has leveled off and even though I have had a few days where I was grumpy – I still do have my ovaries FYI – the mood swings are not near as bad as they were before. My husband noticed that it was maybe only 5% of what it was. ahhh….

Other then just trying to readjust to the new “normal’ for my body I have just been keeping a tab on other things that I have heard can happen after a hysterectomy like:

  • Urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse: these were the most mentioned issues to deal with after a hysterectomy, so I started doing Kegels that are helping to strengthen my pelvic floor.
  • Heart Disease: since I already have heart disease in my family history this is the next one I am keeping an eye on.
  • Weight gain: I have not noticed any real weight gain, but I have noticed that I am having a little more trouble just trying to stay where I am at. Something that a tweak to my diet and a bump in exercise will hopefully help with!

If you had a hysterotomy – how are you doing after it?


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