Morning Chat 5/2/22

Good morning and Welcome to Morning Chat for May 2, 2022!

duck house, homeschooling and power tools!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Our weekend was a mixed bag. Lately, I have been working on a new duck house – one that will be large enough for all our ducks – because during the winter they will all be housed together. So that has kept me busy, or at least would if the weather would cooperate. Spring in Montana can be interesting to say the least but this year it takes the cake. Last night was the first night in weeks that I have actually been able to see stars sparkling in the night sky. Luckily a break in the weather has been forecast and I am hoping to get the main part of it done this week.

Our other business is figuring out a new edging/fencing around our flower beds. I am on a budget (no surprise there!) and I would like something that uses what we already have. I like concrete retaining wall blocks and we have them used in different places around our yard, but the cost would be a little much. I also need something a little taller to protect our plants – like the tulips above – from little speckled beaks! So, I guess a little imagination and creativity will need to rule the day!

Other than that, our normal day to day routine keeps pretty much the same. Our homeschooling is starting to wind down. In the Spring I like to slow our pace after a heavy Winter book load, and I tend to change gears a bit to incorporate more outdoor tasks. Where we still work on book learning I will also involve her in more hands-on learning. The duck house is a great example. She has been involved in all aspects, I worked on the plan with her next to me and we discussed what we need (and why) and she would offer suggestions and we would discuss why something would or wouldn’t work. We have explained what the final outcome will look like, and she helps with cutting boards and assembly. And that’s just one ‘to-do’ on our list. We also have garden prep, plants that have been started, painting to be done. I am also looking at making planters and hopefully a nice place to crash and enjoy the fruits of our labor in the back yard. All of this I place within the realm of ‘homeschool’. It is a learning opportunity at every step – I mean really – how many kids know what a 15 degree cut looks like on a 2×4, let alone why the drop is needed on the roof and how to incorporate it into a structure? Maybe not many. I am just happy that she likes power tools as much as I do!

Well, looks like the sun has finally rose enough to start warming our yard, that means work time. I hope you have a great day!


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