Morning Chat – 4/25/22

Good morning! Welcome to Morning Chat for April 25, 2022!

weather, ducks and sauteed spinach with garlic!

Sunrise over the Sapphire Mountains

As a new day dawns, a beautiful day lays ahead of us. Yesterday was a beautiful day also with the exception of a cool breeze blowing over the recent snow-covered mountains.

It’s not that way everywhere, just mere hours from where we are, winter has tightened its grip refusing to step aside as – I am sure – the very welcome warm weather of Spring and Summer waits patiently.


Yes, I tend to talk about the weather a lot. In our family it is a top topic. For one, my husband and daughter love it (we may have a budding meteorologist on our hands!). Two, my husband’s job requires a lot of driving. Knowing what conditions are like where he is going in say – Helena, Wyoming or even to North Dakota – is to his advantage to keep him safe and allows him to dress for the weather anticipated. And three – we will even throw four in there, is our little ducks and garden.

Our girls are getting larger and will be ready to start sleeping outside in a few weeks – Thanks to the Lord for that! As much as I love our feathery babies, they are quite smelly! And at the moment taking up a large amount of room on our enclosed deck. Plus, they need the space. We have moved them to a larger area to sleep in, but they will be outgrowing it soon. The warm weather that is forecast this week will allow me to start working on their new home. Something that I am excited to start, but a little weary of. I have built many things, but their house along with the corresponding run that will be attached, will be the largest and most involved.

Our garden is another top topic. This time of the year I am prepping the soil and setting the structures that will be needed (i.e. trellises, teepees, etc.). I try to do it after we have had several dry days to ensure that the soil is not muddy. Mud gardening can be fun, but it tends to leave one messy and extremely tired. We also have a few last remains of our winter garden finishing up. The kale and spinach that I planted last Fall has thoroughly been enjoying the snow and rain that we have been getting and is growing like crazy. The ducks have been enjoying the extra greens added to their food and we have been enjoying sauteed spinach with garlic – yum!

Well, with that I better get going – lots to do. I hope you have a great day!


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